Zespół Szkoły Podstawowej i Przedszkola w Czechach is a rural institution subordinate to theMunicipality of Zduńska Wola, but located on theborder of the city. Having a rich educational base,Orlik pitches, well-equipped rooms, we do notdiffer in any way in standards from city schoolsand kindergartens. The strengths of ourestablishment have led to a great deal of interestfrom children from outside the perimeter of ourschool and even the municipality.

Currently, 134 children attend the 6-department
kindergarten and 247 pupils attend the 14
departments of the school. There are 74 staff
members, including 50 teachers, most of whom
have attained the rank of certified teacher.
Teachers are constantly improving their skills and
obtaining new qualifications.

So far, we have participated in several national projects, e.g. with
WFOŚiGW in Łódź and cooperated with the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw, but our eTwinning activities deserve special emphasis.
In 2019, a kindergarten teacher (currently an eTwinning ambassador)
won second place in the Our eTwinning Project competition in the
project category for students aged 3-6.

Our advantage is undoubtedly our experience in design work, as well as the use of elements of the Dalton Plan in the daily work of the facility. We constantly strive to ensure that the pillars of the Dalton Plan, i.e. independence, responsibility, cooperation and reflection, also become the basis for implementing tasks related to the Sustainable Development

Goals – SDG. We also place emphasis on shaping 4C Competencies –
creativity, coordination, communication and critical thinking, as
necessary in the world of tomorrow.


Preschool institution “Naša radost” from Subotica
has 60 kindergartens, 360 preschool teachers,
and more than 4500 children from 1-7 years old.

The institution realized 8 Erasmus projects and
teachers are very active on eTwinning platform.
In 2022. The institution got an EITA award for one
of the best Erasmus projects in Europe.

The Etwinning project “Green Action” which is the last phase of Erasmus project “ Children in Action against Climate Change” got an award as one of the best 5 in Serbia in 2023. Preschool institution “Naša radost” has a big experience in providing various environmental projects and provides SDGs program which is described in the Yearly plan of the institution. Subotica is a multinational, multicultural, multilingual city with 4 official
languages. The center of the city and Town Hall is like a museum. Buildings are built in the period of Arte Nuova. In the Erasmus project “Children in Action against Climate Change” participated kindergartens “Pera Detlić”, “Zeka”, “Petar Pan”, “Palčica”,
“Zvončica”, “Visibaba”, “Mandarina”, “Veverica”, “Lastavica”.All these
kindergartens already participate in SDG program which is a part of
curriculum. Participation in three Twinning projects with the theme of Erasmus project, during the school year 2020-23, our preschool institution got European and a National award for all of three etwinning projects.


Vari’s Pre-Primary school was established in 1984. In 2020, the Varis Kindergarten was moved to the
renovated building that housed the Varis Primary
School. From September 2021, our Kindergarten
is co-located with the Syros’ Special Kindergarten.
The Martino’ς family offered the school a large
donation, modern electronic equipment and
renovated the courtyard areaVari’s Pre-Primary
school is a small school with 39 students and
3 teachers.

Vari’s Kindergarten is a happy, calm, safe, open,
progressive, flexible, democratic and inclusive
school, that promotes cooperation,
communication, creativity, free expression, and
critical awareness of our students. It is based on
Innovation that governs all the activities we

A key feature is the Communication of all involved
bodies (teachers, students, parents, society).
Using innovative practices, New Technologies and
Robotics we keep up with the times, constantly
seeking knowledge to cope with the demands of
the modern world.Teachers exchange opinions on
methods and new Ideas in order to develop their
professional development.

Ιn recent years our school has been approved for its participation in
innovative programs, e.g. «We learn together» supported by the Ioannis S. Latsis Foundation ,resulting in the creation of a folklore museum and the acquisition of a cloakroom with traditional costumes from all over Greece. Varis Kindergarten is implementing from 2020 (with a duration of 3 years) a European Erasmus + Program with the title „Children in action against
climate change. Let children open to the world”. Participation in a Twinning action with the theme „Children in action against climate change. Let children open to the world”, during the school year 2020-21 . Our school got a European and a National award. Participation in an E-twinning program during the school year 2021-2022 Theme: “Change the climate – start today” . Our school got a European and a National award.


C.E.I.P Rodolfo Tomás Semper is located in the
town of Altet, created in 1978, specifically on the
outskirts of the urban center, close to the beach.
In the area close to the school are the municipal
library, a social centre, the sports centre and the
airport, which causes daily noise pollution due to
airplane traffic. Turning to the centre extends a
large arid and dry lot typical of the Mediterranean

Regarding the students’ families, they have a
medium socioeconomic level and a varied
sociocultural background. Their level of education
ranges from fathers and mothers with degrees to
others with basic studies, so the performance of
jobs is very different, both housewives, civil
servants, services (electricians, plumbers,
carpenters…) and some unemployed, due to the
current crisis situation.

At our educational centre there has also been a number of immigrant students, highlighting the South American and Moroccan ones. The majority of the students are born in Elche and we find mostly Spanish-
speaking families. For this reason, the centre works with a linguistic program. The school is organized and operates taking into account a
series of documents, such as center educational project and the
elements of the curriculum, the NOyF, the Coexistence Plan and the
Tutorial Action Plan, among others. There are two units per level in most courses and in other 3 units, due to the increase in students in recent years. We have 36 teachers, including specialists, supports and
educational psychologist. Regarding the physical situation of the center, it must be said that it consists of a pavilion with its respective
classrooms for each course, a large patio with different courts, a dining room and no specific classroom, since they have become tutorials. By listing and defining the identity notes, we express our position on issues of educational importance, on which there cannot be different interpretations. At our school, respect, freedom of thought, diversity of cultures and opportunities, solidarity, non-violent behavior and, above all, creativity and a critical spirit are encouraged. To achieve this we rely on active, participatory, comprehensive, individualized and democratic teaching.


Bahçeşehir Schools’ first campus was opened in1994, İstanbul. Before that, it was not a school. Itwas a course that students go to for studyingexams. But our founder Enver Yücel turned it intoa private school. Since then there are campusesall around the country. And our Bornova campuswas opened in 2012 being the first one in our city.In our school we have kindergarten, primary andmiddle school with a total number of 902students.

We have STEM+A lessons which separates us fromother schools. Because its curriculum is written byBahçeşehir University only for Bahçeşehir schools.We also have lego robotics, swimming, piano, art,music, chess, dance and P.E lessons.

We care about our national exams and prepare our students intenselyin middle school. In 2013 Bilingual Education System started to beimplemented. Digital World School was launched. It became a memberof the 21st Century Partnership Platform as the only educationalinstitution from Turkey. Also in 2015 Turkey’s first children’s biennial,Bahçeşehir Schools 1st Children’s Biennial, was held. Our campus is alsofamous for lego robotics, we have the very best teams and havemultiple championships in FLL tournaments and we are very proud of it.
Izmir is located in the Aegean Region of Turkey and is the third biggestcity in our country. It is one of the leading cities in economic, historicaland socio-cultural terms.
Our city is famous for its coastal towns such as Çeşme, Urla, Foça andmany more. Artemis Temple which is considered one of the sevenwonders of the world is located in Izmir but sadly only a few marblepieces remain from it.